Frequently answered Questions regarding pregnancy

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My Pregnancy App can help you monitor your pregnancy by providing the tools and information towards a healthy delivery. →Read More

Maternity Resources

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Pregnancy Resources

The Covid 19 pandemic has resulted in additional anxieties and stress, as we adjust to the new normal. We have developed some tools and resources to aid your pregnancy journey. → Learn More

Meet Regina

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My patient, Regina, created a number of exercise videos while she was pregnant.→Follow her youtube channel

Ask Dra. Elisa

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Shared questions by pregnant women answered by Dra. Elisa.

I practice EINC

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I practice Essential Intrapartum and Newborn Care(EINC). Protocol for New Life.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

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As a Lactation Educator, I promote the benefits of breastfeeding to the baby, mother and society as a whole.→ Read More

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